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Nov 22, 2020

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5 Tips To Stay Healthy In Winters

Winters are here and so are the numerous allergies and infections associated with the season of cold. While we are all guilty of gorging on comfort foods and exercising lesser than ever, winters can easily be used to stay healthy and remain active.

With holidays and shopping season around the corner, getting in or staying in shape seems oh-so-difficult now, isn’t it? Well, worry not as we have the answer to your question, how to stay healthy and fit during winter?

Below mentioned 5 winter tips will help you to remain healthy and hearty this season and enjoy the true spirit of winters more than ever!

So be proactive and follow these simple yet beneficial steps to a healthy and radiant you this winter.

  1. Water Yourself Well

It is easy to assume that our bodies need fewer amounts of water in winters, however, the fact remains that we do need to drink enough water in every season to stay healthy. The key is to keep yourself well hydrated during the wintertime and maintain the essential nutrient and mineral balance.

2. Stretch That Body

While getting out of your cozy bed and hitting the gym seems too daunting a task in winters, it is important to exercise regularly even if you limit it to basic stretching exercises. Stretch as you wake up and get those muscles ready for the day!

3. Get Enough Sleep

Winters are for partying and eating outright? As much as you’d like to believe in this mantra for happiness, don’t forget to get the much-needed sleep to boost your immune system. Just like food, sleep is crucial for helping our body stay at its peak and warding off sickness. Sleep is very much like the fuel for your system to keep it up and running!

4. Sanitize Often

During winters especially during this Coronavirus pandemic, our bodies are more prone to catch common infections and flu-like viruses. With simple hygienic methods like keeping a sanitizer close to you and washing your hands often, one can easily prevent the spreading of germs and infection and save yourself from winter health concerns.

5. Don’t forget the Vitamin D

An essential vitamin to help keep many diseases and health problems at bay, you can top up your Vitamin D levels by simply staying out in the sun and eating foods like butter, egg, sprouted seeds, etc. While it is easy to stay in the warm sheets indoors, don’t forget to expose your body to the benefits of direct sunlight in winters!

As it takes only 21 days to make or break any habit set.

Adopting these tips will not only help you stay alert and awake, you will always be a step ahead of your friends who are getting bogged down by seasonal illnesses or infections!

Have any other winter health hacks or winter health tips to share? Drop your comments below!

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