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Jan 5, 2021

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5 Life Lessons Every Child Must Learn

Every parent wants their child to be successful in life and a lot of things are taught to them as they take small steps towards a big life ahead of them.

Children learn from elders, friends and the society. As parents, getting your kids learn key life skills and good values is as important as preparing them for career and professional pursuits later in life.

Often, in the never ending race of competition, we raise our children with high ambitions and expectations yet we tend to overlook the value of critical life lessons and skills that will contribute to their development as positive, responsible and aware individuals in their own right.

To help parents guide their children on the right path in life, here we have compiled a list of 5 lessons that every child must learn -

Respecting Everyone

It is very important for a child to learn that there are different kind of people, belonging to different cultural and social backgrounds, which makes their point of views very different and thus they should be respected for their opinions. Kids should be taught that not everyone whom they will cross their paths will be like them, and it is a good habit to respect others and their opinions. This will make them more adaptive, tolerant and also more accepting to challenges they face in future.

Being Honest

‘Honesty is the best policy’ is not only a cliched statement but a positive virtue that must be a part of your child’s ideology and though process in life. So, it is important for a child to learn and accept this as early as possible because it can help them stay away from the vicious spiral of lies. Plus, honesty goes a long way in developing a solid character in life.

To Win/Lose with Grace

Winning or losing is experienced at various stages in life. But winning is not something worth being proud of as long as you are not a graceful winner. Defeat is another side of the same coin and should be taken as a lesson to perform better next time. A win should not lead to a behaviour that insults the defeated counter-part and similarly a defeat should not discourage but should rather encourage better performance next time.

Never Go Off Etiquettes

Basic manners like saying ‘Thank You’, ‘Sorry’ andPlease’ will never go out of fashion and thus, should never be forgotten. Teach your child the importance of simple gestures like offering your seat to someone older or someone who needs it more than you, talking politely to everyone, quietly listening to what someone has to say and not interrupting a conversation.

Revert Back and Show up

Always reply when someone poses a question, even if the reply might not be very impressive. On non-completion of work or on making some mistake, never hide out, always show up. Hiding out is the worst thing to do in odd situations. Children must be taught to deal with all situations and not run away from them.

These are some lessons that will play a crucial role in better growth of kids and also help them build better self esteem, improved social circle, higher peace of mind and most importantly, a better life paths for themselves.

What do you feel must be taught to children? We happily welcome your inputs and feedbacks so don’t hesitate to comment and speak your mind!

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